The Endless Hallway SCP

The Endless Hallway SCP

Item #: SCP 970/ The Endless Hallway SCP  –  Object Class: Euclid

Description of the subject: SCP-970 is a spatial phenomenon that manifests in an unusual way. It appears as a collection of rooms looping on themselves. In all cases, this happens by a means of a series of doors appearing in the walls. All of them are in a straight line, so that you can walk forward and end up in the initial position. Altering one of the rooms does not affect the neighboring rooms and floors. There is no explanation for this phenomenon as of yet.

The Endless Hallway SCP

SCP-970-01 is a cell-block within Sector 19. In addition to this, it’s also the first example of the SCP-970 phenomenon that happened at the Foundation. The Foundation built it with the intent of housing class-D personnel. It fulfilled that purpose until ██/██/████, when several D-classes breached containment.

The investigation into the incident led to the discovery of a series of doors in the cell-block. All of them were leading to rooms on the opposite side of the corridor. Personnel quickly established that this layout did not support the addition.

The Endless Hallway SCP

Ever since this incident, other██ further such examples of the phenomenon occurred. ██% of these were in an 800-kilometer radius of Sector 19. One notable example was found within the western wing of the [REDACTED] legislative palace. In this case, the Foundation was unable to acquire the affected site. Local authorities proved really hostile when discussing the matter. A violent coup 6 months later resolved this issue, when the building got destroyed.

Special Containment Procedures: All sites affected by SCP-970 are to be acquired by the Foundation. Authorized people will receive a suitable cover story. No civilians can enter the site and are discouraged from doing so. All trespassers will receive class-A amnesiacs.

In light of Experiment-04 and Addendum 970-02, armed personnel are to sit by the entries into affected sites.



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