Egyptian God Sobek – The Crocodile Deity

Egyptian God Sobek – The Crocodile Deity

The Egyptian god Sobek was the ancient god of crocodiles. The first mention of him appears in the Pyramid Texts, and his worship continued until the Roman period. Some sects believed that Sobek was the creator of the world who arose from the “Dark Water”. Sobek was also a god of the Nile who brought fertility to the land.

One creation myth stated that Sobek laid eggs on the bank of the waters of Nun, thus creating the world. However, he was also very unpredictable. There are numerous tales of him allying himself with the forces of Chaos. According to some myths his father was Set, the god of thunder and chaos. But he also had a close association with Horus.

It seems likely that Sobek began as a dark god who had to be appeased. The people of Egypt worshipped the protective qualities and his strengths. Especially because they could protect both the pharaoh and the people. Because of his ferocity, he was considered to be the patron of the army.

Egyptian God Sobek – The Crocodile DeityEgyptian God Sobek

Some people considered Sobek an aspect of Horus. This is because Horus took on the form of a crocodile to retrieve the parts of Osiris’ body from the Nile. In other myths, Egyptian god Sobek also assisted Isis when she gave birth to Horus.

He was also worshiped as the manifestation of Amun-Ra. In depictions he often wears either the headdress of Amun or the sun disk of Ra.

The strength and speed of the crocodile was symbolic of the power of the Pharaoh. Therefore, the word “sovereign” had the hieroglyph of a crocodile. In addition to this, people believed that the powers of Sobek could protect the Pharaoh from dark magic. The crocodile’s power to snatch and destroy its prey was symbolic of the might of the pharaoh. It was considered a manifestation of the pharaoh’s own power.

All in all, Egyptian God Sobek remains an ambiguous deity, serving both good and evil. It all depends on which source you choose to listen to.




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