What Are The Duendes?

The Duendes are little dwarf-like creatures found in Central and South America. They are mostly encountered near farms, in the deep woods. These creatures are almost like the European goblins or sprites. Therefore, they love to cause troubles. These little trouble-makers also steal food.

What Do Duendes Look Like?

duendesA duende is really small. Being between 45 and 121 cm. It is a humanoid creature. Also it has no thumbs, according to numerous legends. It usually dresses in animal skin and fur. But it is mostly recognized due to its wide-brimmed hat. Basically, it is a goblin or gnome with a big hat!

A duende is usually innocent. But it can become tricky and evil. Many legends depict duendes approaching people with evil intentions. These trouble-makers also hold magical powers. Legends say that a duende can shapeshift and it can become invisible.

Sightings and encounters with Duendes

The duendes are extremely popular in Central and South American countries. Therefore, the stories and legends of their encounters are numerous.

A farmer, for example, recalled his terrifying encounter with the tricky creatures. These troublemakers unlocked the gate which held the farmer’s bulls in their place. With the gate open, the bulls started to run outside and in the garden, where the farmer’s wife was working. The bulls trampled his wife. And he had to watch the whole thing. Being paralyzed by the duendes’ breaths.

The video of a duende!

In 2008 a group of teenagers experienced the most popular encounter with a duende. Resulting in video evidence. The video was made by Jose Alvarez. Who also described the encounter as:

duendes sighting

real duendes

But the biggest wave of sightings happened in 2011 in Argentina. And all of the people who encountered duedes described them as malevolent. Also, they usually attacked children and elderly people.

Still in 2011 and still in Argentina, Silvia, mother of Benjamin, noticed that his son behaves strangely. He started to talk to an invisible creature. The woman decided to videotape his behavior. This initiative resulted in the widely popular video tape of a duende.


You can find on the internet more and more videos of these little creatures. Sometimes they are innocent, running away. Other times they are tricky and evil.

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