The Dover Demon

The Dover Demon

The biggest scare from Dover, Massachusettes, in the 1970s was caused by a small humanoid creature known as The Dover Demon. There are multiple witnesses who had the “luck” to encounter this little demon. Although there are many cryptozoologists interested in this creature, it disappeared.

How does The Dover Demon look like?

Dover DemonDue to the big number of witnesses, we have a really accurate description of the demon. People described it as the very well known “gray aliens”. Although it had a different skin. The demon’s skin being described as a rosy orange. It has a small thin humanoid body. And a really big head compared to the size of the body. It has glowing eyes. Some reported them as orange, others as green.

The Dover Demon walks on all four. Although, people described that it sometimes walked as a human and then went back to all fours. Switching between the two. The creature is also naked. It does not wear any clothes.

Although it had been compared to the gray aliens, it does not present the traces of high intelligence. It does not communicate. The Dover Demon only wanders around on its own, sometimes bumping into humans.

Real Encounters With The Dover Demon

The first sighting of The Dover Demon took place on April 21, 1977. At 10:32 pm, three seventeen years old boys were driving north from Farm Street. Bill Bartlet, the driver, spots on the left side of the road a creature creeping along a low wall of loose stones. Although he firstly though that it was just a dog or cat, getting closer changed his mind. The headlights of his car uncovered a weird creature that looked nothing like a pet. The creature didn’t get scared by the lights. It even turned to face them.

Unfortunately, Bartlet was the only one of the three boys who saw the creature. It all happened in the matter of a few seconds as the car passed by The Dover Demon. Later the boy went home, told his father what he saw. And he even draw a sketch.

Dover DemonThe second encounter:

The second witness of The Dover Demon is John Baxter. The 15 year old left his girlfriend at around midnight and continued his way home. He walked already about half a mile when he sees someone or something approaching him. He calls out multiple times with no response. They keep approaching each other, until the creature stops. Than Baxter asks “Who Is That?”.

Due to the dark sky, the boy sees only a shadowy humanoid figure. He tries to take a closer look, stepping toward the figure. But it quickly ran away. Not being as easily scared as I am, Baxter followed the creature to a shallow wooded gully. The he sees the creature clearer, being only 30 feet away from him. The boy looks at the creature several minutes, until he realizes that he never seen something like that before. And he starts to feel uneasy. He backs off slowly and then walks away really fast. When he gets to Farm Street, a couple picks him up in their car and drive the boy home.

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