Deadly Possessions

4 Deadly Possessions That You Didn’t Know About

Deadly Possessions – Demonic possession is a phenomenon that creates controversies for hundreds of years. Although exorcism was recognized as a powerful procedure to drive out demons from a person in the middle ages. Nowadays, it is considered barbaric, ineffective and without scientific basis.

Labeling exorcism as a barbaric method is due to the numerous unsuccessful exorcisms that lead to the death of innocent people. Here you will find 4 examples of Deadly Possessions that ended in tragedy.

Deadly PossessionsDeadly Possessions

The exorcism of Annelise Michel – this horrifying case inspired 3 movies, one of which is very popular (The Exorcism of Emily Rose). Anneliese Michel was a German women. Diagnosed with epileptic psychosis. She had several psychiatric treatments, but they were not effective. Her first seizure happened when she was only sixteen years old. After years of psychiatric treatments and medications, her condition got worse. Her parents convinced themselves that she was a victim of demonic possession.

Being convinced that her daughters is possessed, they appealed to the Catholic Church for an exorcism. Although the Catholic Church denied the exorcism at first, two priest got permission after a while. The official story is that Annelise stopped eating food and drinking water. Her mal-nourishment and dehydration resulting in her death.

Deadly Possessions

The exorcism of he nun Irina Cornici – one of the recent Deadly Possessions, this story story come from Romania. On June 15, 2005 a nun called Irina Cornici died due to an inneffective and highly horrifying exorcism. Romanian priest Daniel Corogeanu performed the exorcism. He bound the 23 year old nun to a cross, gagged her moth with a towel and then left her there in that state for 5 days. Gagged and bound to the cross for several days, she didn’t eat food or drink water. The cause of her death was suffocation and dehydration.

Man killed her 25 year old daughter in exorcism – In 2016, a 50 year old man decided to exorcise his “demonically possessed” daughter. The man even filmed the whole thing. The videos are horrifying and they who how the man repeatedly kicked her daughter in the stomach to drive out the demons. The girl died shortly, due to her internal injuries.

Monks kill an 18 year old girl in a ritual – the last story of the 4 Deadly Possessions comes from Bangkok. Where 3 monks tried to banish a “black magic course” out a teenage girl. As part of the ritual, they forced the girl to drink two large bowls of “holy water”. The girl started vomiting and then went into a shock. The cause of her death is unclear. Because her body was cremated. And the composition of the so-called “holy water” is also unknown because the monks fled and couldn’t be found.

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