The Coleman Frog: A Real Must-See

The Coleman Frog: A Real Must-See

The Coleman Frog gets its name from its owner, Mr. Fred Coleman. This deserves a mention on the website simply because recently it became an attraction to view. If you happen to be in Fredericton, Canada, then you should definitely go and see it. This specimen is one of the most famous taxidermy artefacts of the Coleman Frog.

The species lived in Killarney Lake, north of Fredericton in the late 19th century. When they first discovered it, it was the size of an ordinary frog. However, once Fred Coleman discovered a way to give it people food, it gained weight rapidly. This frog managed to reach an impressive 42 pounds. The friendship between the two of them grew over time. When someone would call it, the frog would come. It could even do small tricks to entertain guests.

The Coleman Frog A Real Must-See

Sadly, the Coleman Frog died in a dynamite ‘accident’. Fred sent its remains to a taxidermist in Bangor Maine. Afterwards, they displayed the specimen in a glass case at Fred’s hotel. At 19 kg, this frog is a real monster. For this reason, it occupies a place of honor in Fredericton’s York-Sunbury Museum, where it is a star attraction.

The Coleman Frog: A Real Must-See

“People come from all over the world to see it,” said Penny Pacey, the museum’s manager. Tim Andrew, a local ‘frog expert’ and a retired deputy of agriculture, often defended the frog at public talks. He also believes that the frog was actually real and fights to defend this belief. What made the frog grow so big was the whey diet, which strengthened its bones. This enabled it to grow to its current massive size. According to Mr. Andrew, the weight of the skin causes the bone structure of most frogs to cave in. However, this one had stronger bones.

After it died, Coleman sent the frog to Maine for them to stuff it. For some years, the animal sat in the hotel’s saloon. There, patrons delighted in stubbing out their cigars on the poor animal. Years later, one of Coleman’s descendants donated it to the museum.

All in all, the Coleman Frog is a true sight to behold. If you are feeling particularly curious, you should go and see it with your own eyes.


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