Nana Buluku – The Creator of the Universe

Nana Buluku – The Creator of the Universe

Nana Buluku is the Goddess of creation, the grandmother of all the gods. At least, according to the West African mythology. She gave birth to Mawu and Lisa, the twins that created the entirety of human race. These deities created the first humans out of clay, much like the Christian belief. For this reason, Nana Buluku’s symbols are the clay and the moon. She is also a protector of women, offering a safe pregnancy and a timely birth.

Nana Buluku is an old woman, as old as time itself. Her symbols are also the color purple, fish, water and the moon. After she gave birth to her twins, she decided to retire from her duties as a goddess. She left everything in their hands. However, in her absence lots of things happened. Mawu-Lisa created lots of deities as well as humans. Unfortunately, they all had lots of imperfections. Mawu and Lisa could not keep them under control.

How to appease Nana Buluku? Nana Buluku – The Creator

Most rituals for Mawu or Nana Buluku involve love-making. This is a method of invoking her life-giving energy. Farmers offer prayers to her before they begin working the field, to make their lands fertile. People who want to have a child also offer prayers to her. If you want to welcome fertility, then get a seedling. Name it after one of Mawu’s attributes that you wish to gain. Nurture it and fertility will come to you.

During the colonial era, over 5 million West Africans were captured an enslaved. They were the ones that spread the belief of Nana Buluku. They took their religion with them across the Atlantic. This is how the Dutch, French and British West Indies also adopted these rituals and beliefs.

Nana Buluku is a wise and old woman that watches over the Earth. People hold her in high regards when it comes to their health issues. She helps women in particular, especially with problems regarding the womb. She is also a protector of victims of sexual abuse, watching over them.


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