Black Stick Man

The Black Stick Man

The first encounters with the Black Stick Man appeared in 2008. Different from other creatures such as Slender man, this weird creature didn’t start as a creepy pasta. It became more and more popular due to the bigger number of encounters. People, since 2008, started sharing their photos and experiences on different forums and websites all over the world.

How does the Black Stick Man look like?

Black Stick ManThe physical appearance of this creepy creature is very scary, spooky and weird. It looks like a very basic children drawing of stick figures. It is a humanoid creature, that has no facial expression. So it basically doesn’t have eyes, nose, mouth, ears, not even hair. It is very tall. And extremely lean. This creature appears crawling buildings and lurking in different places. The Black Stick Man was mostly seen in Russia. Resulting even in video recordings of this creepy thing crawling buildings.

Is the Black Stick Man a creature from another dimension?

Black Stick ManMany speculate that it might be inter-dimensional. Many people who encountered this creature say that it moves like it almost glides. Also, it creates some kind of static in the air. Others described the creatures as shifting between two and three dimensions. Some of those who analyzed this phenomenon even concluded that this creature might be from another dimension. Being able to enter our dimension time to time.


Is it dangerous?

To this day, the Black Stick Man didn’t hurt anyone. The witnesses sustain that it is frightened by people. And they quickly run away. They never hurt anyone. But when they are cornered, they will try to find a way to escape the situation. Although not harmful, and there are no recordings of this creature hurting anyone. People who encountered it say that they felt a malevolent energy around this creature.

Although it never harmed anyone, the Black Stick Man is still a really creepy creature. Although many consider it the product of human imagination. Due to the fact that most people who encountered it were stressed, tired and tensed.

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