The Black Demon

The Black Demon

If you are big fan of sea monsters, then you will enjoy this one. The Black Demon is an oceanic creature that looks like a huge black shark. It is also known as El Demonio Negro. It has been seen on the coasts of Mexico, in Baja California. Fishermen constantly encountering it.

What is the Black Demon?

Black DemonAlthough there are multiple reports of fishermen seeing the monster, we don’t have a trustworthy first sight report. Becoming more of a myth, than an actual cryptid. Researchers and witnesses consider the Black Demon a a prehistoric creature that survived. Being some kind of Megalodon. Others say that it might be a new species of shark. Meanwhile others compare it with a really big Great White (that turned black somehow).

What does the Black Demon look like?

Due to multiple witnesses the black shark demon looks like a 20-60 feet long sea creature. That mostly resembles a shark. Its weight has been approximated from 22 kg to 45 tons.

Is the Black Demon shark real?

Many investigated this phenomenon, but nobody really came up with any proof. Many researchers speculate that it might be just a normal black shark. Considering that albinism can be found in sharks, the chances of melanism are possible. Causing its black skin.

This case have been investigated even by the popular show MonsterQuest. In the chapter Mega-Jaws, they tried to find evidence of the Black shark Demon, but, unfortunately, they found nothing.

A real sighting of the Black Demon

Eric Mack, a fisherman, described his meeting with demon. He was out on the water on his boat, when he saw the huge black sea creature. Mack’s boat was rocked by the demon, when it stuck its tail five feet out of the water. But, fortunately, nobody got hurt.

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