Beast of Busco Sightings: Shall We Believe Them?

Beast of Busco Sightings: Shall We Believe Them?

The Beast of Busco is a local legend in Churubusco, Indiana. This is a monster unlike any other that you know. For the simple fact that it’s not as threatening as you would expect. I mean, who would think of a turtle as dangerous? Anyway, the story revolves around an enormous snapping turtle which citizens saw in 1949. This town even had a whole month dedicated to hunting and capturing the turtle. Ever since then, there have been some Beast of Busco sightings.

The Beast of Busco also holds the name of Oscar, after its first discoverer. According to the local legend, this all started in 1898. A farmer first saw this giant turtle while he was working around on his farm. Oscar Fulk told others about it, but no one believed him. He then dropped the matters completely.

Beast of Busco Sightings

But half a century later, in 1948, two citizens also stated that they saw a huge snapping turtle. Ora Blue and Charley Wilson were two that saw the creature while they were out fishing. A farmer under the name of Gale Harris was the owner of the land at the time. He also saw the beast at some point, but made nothing of it back then.

Beast of Busco Sightings: Shall We Believe Them?

After these sightings, the people in Churubusco decided to do something about it. They even dedicated a whole month to catching it. But, unfortunately, nothing came out of it. Some say that the creature did not even exist, to begin with. However, in spite of this, the town still honors the beast. They even have a festival dedicated to it. The festival includes a parade, a carnival and turtle races.

At the main intersection in the center of Churubusco you can still see a small concrete statue of Oscar. The town is also known as “Turtle Town, USA.” As of now, it has one of the longest running festivals dedicated to a cryptozoological beast in America.

All in all, this is how the Beast of Busco sightings managed to put this town on the map and attract lots of tourists. And all without a single evidence of the monster itself.



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