Bastet Symbol, Colors and Incense for Worship

Bastet Symbol, Colors and Incense for Worship

Goddess symbols are individualized for each goddess. These were also a part of the worship ritual for each deity. People often wore them as jewelry but one could also place them around the house as talismans. This would seek out the goddess’ special gifts, blessing and protection. There are still a number of goddess symbols which survived in statuary and other works of art. Let us talk about the Bastet symbol.

Many of the goddess symbols come from the legends surrounding them. These symbols could even be the ‘characters’ in that goddesses’ creation or life story. Other symbols came from the rituals used in the rites of worship. Usually, Bastet’s symbols have to do with her beloved cats. This should not be surprising to anyone.

However, these are not the only one. Another Bastet symbol is also the Ankh, which represents eternal life. The Ankh is the cross with the handle, which many gods hold in their hands. This represents that they can both give and take life as they wish. This can refer to both physical and eternal life.

Bastet Symbol, Colors and Incense for WorshipBastet Symbol, Colors and Incense for Worship

The sistrum is another symbol for Bastet. But why? The explanation may make a little less sense. The sistrum is an ancient Egyptian percussion instrument. It’s a sacred rattle, which priests used in various rituals and ceremonies. This has become a symbol of Bastet because she was also the goddess of joy, celebration and dances. People in Egypt used the sistrum during celebrations, and also during rituals of worship for the goddess Bastet.

These are the main symbols of her, but there are others, too. Maybe without such a concrete form. People would burn all sorts of incense and herbs during rituals dedicated to her. These are cinnamon, myrrh, catnip, lavender, hemp and frankincense. Her main colors are: gold, red, turquoise, clay and silver.

All in all, if you want to accurately represent her, do not forget these aforementioned items.


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