Babi Egyptian God and Warrior

Babi Egyptian God and Warrior

Babi, also known as Baba, is the second Egyptian baboon god that people worshipped in Hermopolis. Hedjwer was the first baboon to be worshipped. Similar to Babi, he was a violent god, coming from the depths of the Underworld. Babi Egyptian god and warrior was the ruler of all baboons. Since they exhibit human characteristics, people believed that they represent the souls of their deceased ancestors.

In general, people thought that alpha males were the souls of departed soldiers or rulers. Their violent nature also added to the belief that they were indeed the reincarnation of dead rulers. People even called an alpha male the great white one, because they have a notable light grey streak.

Babi Egyptian God and WarriorBabi Egyptian God and Warrior

Babi had all of the aggressive and dominant traits of the male baboon. These were all attributes that the first kings of Egypt valued greatly. A good ruler needed to know how to fight and protect its own land and people. Egyptians associated Babi with the power of darkness and he they worshipped him as a lunar deity. The Babi Egyptian god was a punisher and executioner in the Underworld, similar to the later goddes Ammut. People believed that he fed on human entrails, therefore people even used protective spells when praying to him. Later on, Babi was replaced by the famous god Thoth.

Babi Egyptian God of Virility

People of Egypt also worshipped Babi for its intelligence as well as sexual virility. Egyptians used baboon faeces in aphrodisiacs. Lots of myths refer to the virility of Babi. One notable myths talks about his phallus that acts as a bolt on the doors of heaven. People offered prayers to Babi to ensure that they would not lose their virility after death. They gave food offerings and preyed so that they could remain sexually active and potent even in the afterlife.

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