Are Dybbuks Real?

Are Dybbuks Real ?

Are Dybbuks Real? – Dybbuks became popular when a play by S. Ansky appeared, that depicted one of these creatures. But what are these mysterious being?

Are Dybbuks Real

Are Dybbuks RealDybbuks are the spirits of dead people that have the ability to possess other people. A dybbuk usually possesses another person to be helped with something. When it accomplished its goal, it will leave the possessed person alone. The Dybbuks are older than you might think. Being present in Jewish mythology. According o Jewish lore only non-believers and lapsed Jews can be possessed by a dybbuk.

Do Dybbuks possess only people?

A dybbuk is the spirit of a person, which didn’t go into the light. These spirits remained on earth possessing not only people, but also objects. A dybbuk can posses an object for a few years or decades, and then possess a person. This example is seen in the movie called The Possession. A little girl buys a box at a yard sale. The becomes possessed by the spirit or demon from the box.

Are Dybbuks Real?

Being a ghost, not a demon, encounters with them are many. These ghosts are evil and they remained on earth to continue their bad behavior. Some posses people to go to the bar and get drunk, as they always did when alive. Others possess a person to kill someone. In conclusion, they are malevolent. But sometimes they possess a person only to punish him for doing something bad. Ghosts of people who were violently killed, then seek to end the life of their killer, are also dybbuks. Some of them remain on earth for a mission. And they will not stop until they accomplish that mission.

Weird but real encounters

In 2003, Kevin Mannis bought an old wine cabinet from an estate sale. Since he bought the item, the paranormal activity increased around Mannis. Being tired of the weird things happening, he wanted to give the cabinet back to its possessors. But they refused to take it back. As every good person would do (or not!), he gave the cabinet to his mother. Shortly after getting her “gift”, Mannis’ mother suffered from a stroke.

Then Mannis decided to sell the box on eBay. The old wine cabinet then was bought by different people. Slowly, growing its own reputation. Those who bought it suffered from nightmares. They all dreamed about an old hag. They reported to smell either cat urine or jasmine flowers around the box.

Josif Nietzke reported his own experience with the box. He said that the lights in his home would go on and off by themselves. And he suffered from hair loss. His hair falling out of his head for no reason.

Are Dybbuks Real?

Are Dybbuks Real? - Zak Bagans buys the dybbuk box to dsplay it in his haunted museumJason Haxton also bought the dybbuk box. He didn’t only suffer from nightmares, but he also developed weird illnesses. When he had enough, he took the box to religious leaders, who sealed the box. The Haxton buried it in a secret location, so nobody will find it. But only until he finds a person that can do something with it. The last owner of the box is Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator. He bought the dybbuk box to display it in his haunted museum.

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