Angel Sightings Today?

Angels, messengers of God, visitors from another world. People from probably all cultures know of them and have talked about them for thousands of years. Even today, there are people around the globe that report angel sightings. If you are curious and want to know more about these divine spirits sent by God, then you’re in the right place.

Let us find out about how an angel visitation takes place and what to expect in an encounter:

Angel Sightings Today

Angel Sightings Today?

An encounter with an angel might go very differently from what you would imagine. Many sightings happen when angels show up, provide some sort of assistance, then disappear again. Most people might not even realize that they met an angel.

They might or might not see the angel appear or disappear, but will later on realize what happened. Generally, this type of encounter happens only in times of need and take the person by surprise.

Some other angel sightings are more dramatic. These refer to a being that provides words of wisdom or guidance. This type of encounter is life-changing, the angel emanating love and peace. Although this sounds intimidating, people who are fortunate enough to have this experience say they felt calm.

Many people see Archangel Azrael in the moment or seconds before their death.

And that’s not all.

People can also encounter an angel through a vision, perhaps even in one of their dreams. Or in a near-death experience.

Angel Sightings are not Always Pareidolia

Remember the person that saw Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich? That is pareidolia. It happens when people see religious icons in random objects. Some cases of angel sightings are actually just incidents of pareidolia. But most of them are not. Do not think that they are only a trick of the eye.

Sometimes people are reluctant to think that they met an angel, because it looked human-like. However, even the Bible tells us that angels are human in appearance and do not possess wings. Abraham also met three angels that all looked like men.


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