Cryptids Guide

Welcome to the Cryptids Guide, a site exploring the various uncanny, unexplained and mysterious beings around us. The primary aim of the site is to provide a comprehensive guide to the Gods, deities, cryptids and SPCs.

Discover the legends and myths surrounding the ancient gods and goddesses in the Deities and Mythology sections. Their aim is to provide facts and information about the deities, in order to enable anyone to learn more about them.

You will also find information regarding SCPs, including what they are, what they do and how to contain them. Read them and inform yourself properly, so you are prepared.

The Urban Legends section will scare you, creep you out, chill your bones. It will instill fear and make you not want to go out at night again. Tell these stories at a campfire, sleepover or during Halloween night. Check out these dark and terrifying stories from all over the world, from Japan to Mexico and America.

If you are still a nonbeliever, then turn to the Sightings section, should you dare. There were people from all over the world just like you. Who did not believe. Just like you. Until something ‘persuaded’ them to re-asses their opinion.

Let this be your guide and turn to it whenever you want to find out more about the mysteries of the world.

 Let us be your guide!

A single person cannot have all the answers, but when we come together we are stronger. There will always be someone out there ready to lend a helping hand. The answers you seek will come to you in time. Until then, feel free to roam this page and inform yourself. Prepare yourself. Or simply entertain yourself. We will guide you every step along the way and help you better understand.

Join us in our attempts to shed some light upon the dark mysteries of our world! If you are also passionate about the unexplained, then here is your special place.